Finnish Felt Association Filtti has been founded 1998 in Jyväskylä. It's domicile is Jämsä.

the aim of the association

Filtti is a network gathering feltmakers, felt artists, arts and crafts people, teachers, tutors and wool producers.

The association promotes the cooperation between members, professional skills and common advantages, supports exhibition activities, arranges felting courses and workshops and gives information of both domestic and international events, exhibitions and contests.

The association works together with several different interest groups and has contacts to several foreign felt associations.

Filtti has at least one felt meeting every year, often it has been
arranged together with the annual meeting in various locations.

Since 1999 Filtti has arranged the summer felt exhibition in the city of Jämsä.

The newsletter is published twice a year in the webpages of Filtti at Newsletters.


The association is represented by a Board; a chair person with 4 – 6 members. The Board is elected in the annual meeting for three years at a time.

The Board for 2019 – 2021
Eija Pirttilahti, chair woman
Tiina Kerminen, secretary
Sirpa Mäntylä, treasurer, exhibition coordinator, contacts
Tiina Mäki, vice chair woman
Actual members Marika Halme, Mari Hämäläinen
Varajäsenet Heidi Halm, Mari Jalava
Activity controllers
Anne-Mari Ohra-aho and Katri Suosara
Facebook- ja Instagram-updates Leena Aaltio

Membership fees

The association finances its activity with the membership fees.

Honorary members

Leena Sipilä and Eeva Piesala

The felt artists of the year

2004 Tuula Nikulainen
2007 Eero Lahtinen 
2010 Leena Sipilä
2016 Elina Saari

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